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Archive of articles on Poe by Heyward Ehrlich, Rutgers University
including those in Poe Studies/Dark Romanticism and The Edgar Allan Poe Review

"The Electronic Poe," from Poe Studies (1997)

"A Poe Webliography" by Heyward Ehrlich poesites.html
(Out of date) -- see below for "Electrifying Poe" (2012)
A census of Poe e-texts at major online archives: (1999)
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Out of date, revised 2000
Textual variants: three e-texts and the Harrison edition:
Supplement, Fall 2000


Review of The Geodesic Poe CD-ROM

"Electrifying Poe: Researching Edgar Allan Poe on the Web," in Poe Writing/Writing Poe ed. Richard Kopley and Jana Argersinger (New York: AMS Press, 2013)

"Poe in Cyberspace" columns in Edgar Allan Poe Review (1998-2019)

Read most columns online -- but download files in Word (doc) format for reading offline

Spring 1998 15 selected Poe URLs Fall 1998 Poe Society of Baltimore
Spring 1999 Whence "Eris"? Fall 1999 Research & Teaching with the Internet (25 URLs)
Spring 2000 New Census of Poe E-texts Fall 2000 New Poe e-texts: the verification question
Spring 2001 Search engines come of age Fall 2001 Fifty new Poe URLs
Spring 2002 Research, Plagiarism, and the Internet Fall 2002 Commercial Subscription Databases Online
Spring 2003 International Issue Fall 2003 Basics of Electronic Research
Spring 2004 Etexts on Wireless Readers Fall 2004 The Poe Society of Baltimore
Spring 2005 The Google-Amazon Overload Fall 2005 The Purloined Letters
Spring 2006 A Complete Poe Library on the Internet? Fall 2006 Is Faster the New Slower?
Spring 2007 Poe as Web Diva Fall 2007 Machines, Humans, and Web 2.0
Spring 2008 Ten Years of "Poe in Cyberspace" (1998-2008) Fall 2008 The Next Ten Years (2008-2018?)
Spring 2009 Google's First Trillion Fall 2009 N/A
Spring 2010 Bing -- Microsoft's New Search Engine and Information Portal Fall 2010 Tipping Points: Tales of Obsession, Revenge, and the Internet
Spring 2011 New Tools for Internet Research Fall 2011 How Anastatic Printing Became Self-Publishing and Social Networking
Spring 2012 Calling all Intrepid Cybernauts Fall 2012 Poe Found Alive and Well in Baltimore
Spring 2013 The Browser Wars Redux Fall 2013 Poe MOOC Blog
Spring 2014 To Like, Friend or Follow: Poe in Social Media Fall 2014 Technology. Magic, and Quack Physics
Spring 2015 Poe in Cyberspace; or, Poe in the Cloud (download doc file) Fall 2015 Ballooms! Drones!! The Global Internet!!! (download doc file)
Spring 2016 Have Poe Sites Become an Endangered Species? Fall 2016 The Mobile-Friendly Sites
Spring 2017 The Library as Cloud Fall 2017 His Contribution to the Pre-History of he Internet
Spring 2018 To follow Fall 2018 N/A
Spring 2019 N/A Fall 2019 To follow

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