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Heyward Ehrlich:
A Poe Webliography, II


1: Research: Library databases
2: Guides: Directories & archives
3: Poe sites: Poe etetxta & data
4: Searching: Engines and collections
5: Journals
6: Museums: Museums and Houses
7: Media: Music, film/tv, photos, &c
Poe research on the Internet takes many forms. You can Google on your phone for a quick fact check. You can bring up Wikipedia on your phone or laptop for a wide angle view of Poe. You can go to the Poe Society of Baltimore for its fine collection of verified Poe etexts. You can check Academia, Research Gate, or for lists of work by Poe scholars you know. Should you have access to a research library, you can go online to search the annuals of ALS American Literary Scholarship, the MLAIB <Modern Language Association Internet Bibliography and similar databases for more thorough bibliography.
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C r e d i t s :   [Back to top] "A Poe Webliography" (1997--) was updated on the Rutgers Andromeda server but frozen after 2010. It disappeared in 2019 when the Andromeda server ceased operations. The second edition at makes use of "Electrifying Poe: Researching Edgar Allan Poe on the Web," in Poe Writing: Writing Poe, eds. Richard Kopley and Jana Argersinger (New York: AMS Press, 2013). Please send corrections and suggestions to Last revised: 4 August 2020. Copyright © 2020 Heyward Ehrlich.